My name is Derrick Marcey, and I am in my third year at North Carolina State University studying Computer Science. Within my chosen field, my specific interests are artificial intelligence and, more specifically, computational linguistics. I am a member of NC State’s Men Club Ultimate team, which takes up much of my time and energy, but is worth every minute of it. When I’m not doing school stuff or playing Ultimate, I’m probably watching sports, playing XBOX 360, playing a board game, or working on a personal programming project.

In terms of sports my favorite teams are the Buffalo Bills, Buffalo Sabres and Chicago Cubs for professional sports. I don’t really have an NBA team; I just like to see close games and mainly only watch during the playoffs. I vehemently pull for NC State in any sport and against UNC.


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  1. 1 Rohit July 10, 2008 at 7:40 pm

    Hi Derrick,
    Just looked at the XML file that you had generated for the 2006 nfl season. It was awesome. A couple of questions.

    1.) Do you have a utility that parses a website like or and then generates this xml file?

    I am currently working on a similar problem. I am trying to parse data off of a webpage in real time ..and the biggest problem I have is that I cant parse the data.

    Any help / suggestions that you may provide will be appreciated.


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