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XML Box Scores Now Available

It’s been a little while, due to waiting on the arrival of a new laptop, but my stats parser for generating NFL box scores in an XML format is finally ready to be “beta-tested.” What I mean by this is, I have XML box scores for the entire 2006 season, which I’m going to make available for download. Due to the sheer volume of statistics available, there’s no way that I can test the accuracy of each file, but I will say that I have run a few tests that look at all of the games for the season and I came up with the same season leaders in multiple categories as has on their web site.

Unfortunately, WordPress doesn’t allow me to upload either zip files or xml files, so I’ve uploaded them to a third-party site, and they can be found at this link, . That file unzips to a folder that contains a folder for each of the 17 weeks of the 2006 season, each of which contains all of the games played in that week. The format is very similar to the one mentioned here, NFL Box Score XML Format, with a few additions found in the gamebook for the game.

If you download the files and look at the xml files, please leave a comment to let me know what you think of the format, or if there are any improvements you’d like to see. I’m planning on using the 2006 season as a “test-run” sort of thing while I work on a gamebook parser that will be included in the 2007 season (and later improve the 2006). Thanks, and enjoy!